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Renee Hopping

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Introduction to SQL

Public Course Cost: $900AUD exc GST

This course trains the participants in using the Structured Query Language (SQL) to retrieve data from a relational database and to make changes to that same data.

This course focuses on data access and manipulation. While the SQL statements to manage the database schema/structure are mentioned, they are not covered in detail.

Intended For

Anyone who needs to be able to access relational data with SQL.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to create SQL SELECT statements that retrieve any required data and create SQL INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements to make changes to that same data.


Relational Databases
An overview of relational database schemas: tables; fields; indices; primary and foreign keys; relationships.

Reading Data
The SQL SELECT statement: reading rows; duplicate values; filtering rows; ordering rows.

Modifying and summarising the data: expressions; aggregate functions; field aliases; grouping values; filtering rows and groups.

Retrieving data from multiple tables: joins; table aliases.

Simplifying queries with nesting: nesting with from; nesting with in; nesting with operators; unions; views.

Adding Data
Inserting new data rows: adding a single record; adding a new table; nested queries.

Changing Data
Modifying existing data: updating all records; updating selected records; updating multiple fields.

Deleting Records
Removing data rows: deleting all records; deleting selected records.

Using values picked up at runtime rather than ‘hard-coded’: queries; modifying data.

Database Management
Managing the database schema/structure: managing tables; indices.

Method Used

This is a hands-on course, with participants applying what they learn to access a non-trivial SQL Server or Oracle database. Every participant will have dedicated use of a workstation for the database exercises.


“The best computer course I’ve ever attended”
Jeremy Morris – Jarrett, Introduction to SQL, PNZ

“Excellent course, includes everything required for testing”
Asif Syed, Introduction to SQL, MoE

“This course gives exactly the right amount of knowledge needed to go back to work and start using SQL
Bec Coleman, Introduction to SQL, Close The Loop

“…provided a wealth of information in a clear, concise manner… informative, funny and keeps you interested.

I would definitely recommend this training course to anyone involved in software testing”

Kenneth Willis

Business Process Modeller, Australian Customs Service – Canberra



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